Maximising Your Efficiency

Maximising efficiency is something that’s essential in any business, but particularly as your business grows.

In most businesses, with success comes growth, whether it be an incremental increase in employees, an expansion to form individual departments, or even the hiring of off-site staff with working from home and freelancing becoming more common than ever.

However, a major failing of many organisations is through ensuring these components are all integrated and operating to the maximum efficiency.  This leads to  loss of business information, low performance and revenue loss.

There are many articles on the internet on the benefits and limitaions of ERP systems, we have listed a few and also provided a link to additional resources.

Additional slides on ERP Sirius

Key Benefits of ERP Sirius

Simple to use: A user centric ERP

An intuitive and very simple-to-use solution so that employees can get to grips with the tool quickly, so it can be used to its fullest on all activities. ERP Sirius proposes to the users a simple, modern and intuitive interface.

Rapid to Implement

Reduce implementation lead times to a minimum to enable our clients to benefit quickly from the solution. Data can be quickly imported with our custom Microsoft Excel templates. Users can be trained on a training company while it’s being setup and quickly moved to live in minutes.

Sirius ERP Cost-Effective

Offering useful and progressive technology makes it easier to integrate ERP Sirius into your company. Easy deployment methodology allow crucial solutions for IT with virual no workload. Our license and project costs are competitive and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in turn dramatically decreases.

Quick implementation, intuitive interface design and simple system administration deliver a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than comparable advanced management systems, from install to go live and beyond, making ERP Sirius the best combined value for the single, small, mid to large markets.

Rapid Support

Based in the UK and being further developed here allows use access to world class talent and knowledge. This is turn reduces support costs, and customization costs are kept to a minimum. ERP Sirius comes with expertise to re-engineer your business process to fully benefit your investment times and reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Our product is designed to have a high design evolving state.

Fraud Management & Cyber Security

ERP Sirius protects you before it even presents you with a login screen. ERP Sirius advanced protection system helps protect against possible attacks. The protector will first take control of the CPU and check for possible attacking software that may be running on the system. If everything is safe the protector will give control back to the CPU for normal execution.

ERP Sirius has comprehensive audit features. Each and every important financial or operational audit transaction is stored, so that you have a complete history of the transaction. Approvals for certain financial and operational transactions are based on management hierarchy.

ERP Sirius is designed to be secure, so that your business data is secure and accessible to you 24/7.

Our business process re-engineering skills are unsurpassed. The same skills that helped us detect fraudulent systems and business processes in a major bank in 2012 to the tune of 38 billion have gone into ERP Sirius to detect and minimize fraudlent activities.

Our business solutions eliminate the “Attack Layers” found in virtually all web application solutions. This includes but not limited to;

  • Bots and web scraping
  • DDoS attacks
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • SQL injection
  • Malware

Internet / Mobile Enabled

Wherever you are in the world, be securely connect to your data, with performance and dependability.


Whatever your needs, we’re confident ERP Sirius will be the perfect fit for your ERP requirements. Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss what ERP Sirius can do for you and your business.