Frequently Asked Questions

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ERPSirius +Mobile – Version 4.1 (RC)2020-12-05T01:39:33+00:00

What is Version 4.1 (RC  release candidate RC).

ERPSirius +Mobile is designed to be constantly enhanced and improved.

Version 4.1 (RC) ;

  • Only available to customers who have a valid business address, business website, recognised beta tester or existing customers.
  • Demo/Trial licenses are only available on request.
  • You can apply to be an ERPSirius +Mobile tester site, dealer or partner in developing ERPSirius.
  • As a registered user, you can apply to use ERPSirius +Mobile with a view to fully implement it in your organisation.


Is there a web version.2019-11-19T13:17:39+00:00

Due to be released in 2020 is our new version using REST services, making ERP Sirius a true N-Tier architecture allowing the database to be hosted on the cloud. ERP Sirius desktop & mobile app will be using REST services for the new ChimesAI mobile app.

Thinfinity VirtualUI is the best solution to running ERP Sirius on the web using Thinfinity VirtualUI.

Do you need to host the VirtualUI server on a physical server? Not necessarily! You can opt for MS Azure or Google Cloud Platform VM. We already created some tutorials for Azure.



How can I get new functionality that unique to my business processes.2019-07-29T07:23:43+00:00

Just drop us an email and we will get the ball rolling. We don’t charge for adding funcionalty if you have a profesional or premium subscription plan. Even if you are on our standard free subscription we will look at your request.

What Tier Class is ERP Sirius?2018-12-27T19:13:38+00:00

ERP Sirius is a Tier 2 / 1 Enterprise Class Application (EAS)


Tier 1

The ERP Tier 1 solutions are basically SAP and Oracle. They are designed to service the needs of Fortune 1000 companies, which for the most part are complex, large businesses that have many departments and global locations. Revenues are typically in measured in billions.  A Tier 1 ERP solution is built with complexity of process in mind. For example, a ERP Tier 1 allows for several people to be working on a single function.

ERP Sirius is designed to scale up to a Tier 1 ERP.


Tier 2

Tier 2 products are on offer from several vendors.  Epicor ERP, Infor, Microsoft, Sage and many vertical players fall into this group.  Tier 1 players have consistently tried to “dumb-down” their offerings to find acceptance in this market space and Tier 3 players have tried to move upmarket for the same reason.

ERP Sirius is a Tier 2, designed to scale up to a Tier 1 ERP when a client asks.


Tier 3

Example of Tier 3 are QuickBooks and Sage 50, formerly known as Peachtree. These products do not offer the functionality of Tier 1 and 2 solutions, and may not even qualify as ERP systems. You’re getting basic accounting abilities with these small business tools.

Small businesses or businesses running a vertical line of business (LOB) application with weak accounting benefit from using a Tier 3 solution.  They have a low TCO and are easy to implement.  There is risk that a growing company will quickly outgrow this type of solution, ERP Sirius has data migration capabilities from these systems.


What does Enterprise Class Application (EAS) mean?

Enterprise class is a buzzword that refers to applications that are designed to be robust and scalable across a large organization. There are no firm standards for what makes an application or platform enterprise class, but enterprise class applications are generally:

  • Open and compatible with existing databases and tools.
  • Customizable for the needs of specific departments.
  • Powerful enough to scale up along with the needs of the business using it.
  • Secure from outside threats and data leaks.
Is there a demo, training or educational version in ERP Sirius?2018-12-22T13:29:27+00:00

Yes, there is. ERP Sirius comes with a company called ERP Sirius Trial that is used for demos.  It can be setup with your company information, setting and used as a training company.  This can be quickly be moved to operate your company in live mode very smoothly.

ERP Sirius can also be used for educational purposes to teach about ERP, point of sale, or hospitality etc. Talk to us about ERP Sirius Learn matrix.

Can I upgrade my subscription from the Standard version to Professional or Premium?2019-03-02T16:41:26+00:00

Yes, you upgrade from Standard to Professiona or Premium. You can even change to a different supported database if you want.

What is the best way to start evaluating ERP Sirius for my business?2019-03-02T16:42:19+00:00

The best way is to get in touch with us with what modules you want to use and the kind of business you run. We will reply with suggestions and ways forward.

If you register with us, you will have access to our online basic help, that will help you get started.


Can I extend my Trial License?2019-07-29T07:59:15+00:00

We understand that evaluating, redefining systems and processes can take time, we can extend your trial license.

What support is included in a Trial License?2019-03-02T16:46:11+00:00

We will help you install, setup and test ERPSirius. We can also customise ERPSirius for you, depending on the level and complexity of the customisation. You will also have access to our online help guides.

What ERP modules will be included in the Trail version?2019-03-02T16:48:52+00:00

All major business modules, except customer specific modules and mobile apps. It is multiuser with 2 user limit.

What is the recommended plan for me?2018-11-29T02:18:13+00:00

We recommend clients start off with the free plan and then move to the Professional or Premium plan.

We are a small business and don’t have the IT expertise, how can ERPSirius help us?2018-11-29T02:19:25+00:00

We will provide all the support and advice on hardware, software requirement. Depending on what modules you are going to use, our online training portal will quickly get you up and running. ERPSirius come with a dummy training company that will be used to setup ERPSirius to your requirements and start your live training.

What Windows platform does ERPSirius run on?2018-09-16T01:44:22+00:00

ERPSirius will install on Windows XP; however, for optimal performance, we recommend, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 10.

What are the hardware requirements for ERPSirius?2018-09-16T01:44:59+00:00
  • Intel® Core 2 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor; 2 GHz or faster processor
  • 2 GB or more of RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • 200 MB available hard-disk space for installation, 100GB for data
  • 1280×720 recommended  recommended
  • Internet connection and registration are necessary for required software activation, validation of subscriptions, and access to online services.
Single User, Multi-User, Cloud Based?2018-12-19T17:04:07+00:00

ERPSirius will if fully multi-user and will run on a single user PC, LAN, WAN (On-Premises) or on the Cloud Based.

On-premise software is installed locally, on a company’s own computers and servers.

You can also host the whole of ERPSirius in a data centre (Cloud Based) or just the data.

Where is my data stored?2020-06-01T07:35:08+00:00

Data is stored on your local PC hard disk, your server or on cloud storage. This all depends on your business and operational requirements. The database is accessed using REST services running the ERPSirius REST application on the database server.

What hardware and software does ERPSirius +Mobile run on?2018-11-29T02:21:42+00:00

ERPSirius runs on Microsoft windows. Our mobile apps run on Android due to be release next year. We are also enhancing ERPSirius to run on macOS and Linux.

How secure is ERPSirius?2018-12-22T10:51:34+00:00

ERP Sirius is designed to be secure, the finaly executable file is compiled into native binary. ERP Sirius inbuilt protectors to keep an attacker from directly inspecting or modifying a compiled application. The protector is like a shield that keeps an application encrypted and protected against possible attacks. Before ERP Sirius is run by the operating system, the protector will first take control of the CPU and check for possible cracking tools (dissemblers or de-compilers) that may be running on the system. If everything is safe the software protector will proceed to decrypting the protected application and giving it the control of the CPU to be executed as normal.

ERP Sirius databases are secure and encrypted. The purpose of encryption is to protect data from being deciphered by unauthorized viewers or users.

Interbase Database.
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) was adopted as a federal standard in 2002. AES enables a larger number of bits with which to scrambled data than DES does. Because AES offers much stronger encryption protection.
Interbase supports Database-level Encryption or Column-level Encryption:



SAP Advantage Database.
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) was adopted as a federal standard in 2002. AES enables a larger number of bits with which to scrambled data than DES does.



See the Take a Tour page and Secure Technologies section.

What database does ERPSirius use?2019-08-04T06:50:28+00:00

We have added support for Firdbird which is the default database supplied with ERP Sirius +Mobile. The database is encrypted protect sensitive data from the unauthorized access and prevent the direct work with the databases: only ERP Sirius +Mobile applications should be able to work with encrypted databases.




Interbase Server
It’s the database solution chosen by NASA for the MARS Rover. So you might say that it’s out of this world!


Microsoft SQL Server
We have added support for MSSQL.


We have added support for MySQL


SAP Advantage
Redundant version runs on SAP Advantage Database Local Server (ALS) with our free and professional subscription. Both can be upgraded to  any of our supported databases. Not supported any more.


Mobile Apps
Our Mobile apps uses SQLite or Interbase ToGo.





What data can I import into ERPSirius?2018-11-29T02:30:10+00:00

Below are some of the Microsoft Excel data formats that can be imported into ERPSirius:

  • Banks
  • Branches
  • Business Types
  • Chart Of Accounts
  • Client Accounts
  • Department
  • ERP Users
  • Fixed Assets Register
  • Holidays
  • HR Skills Base
  • HR Skills Type
  • Job Tasks
  • Job Titles
  • Members & Guests
  • Product & Services Types
  • Products & Services
  • Purchase Header Transactions
  • Purchase Items
  • Purchase Order Header
  • Purchase Order Items
  • Sales Debtors List
  • Sales Items
  • StockSerials
  • Warehouses
How do I become Partners?2018-12-22T14:04:44+00:00

We are ready to look at new partnerships in 2019:

Partnerships is only open to companies in the United Kingdom.

We are on the lookout for;

  • Partners in financial skills, marketing etc to bring added value to the business.
  • A limited number of SME in certain industries where they need a highly bespoke requirement apart from the normal modules we offer. We put such clients on a priority 1 status.
  • Partners that can provide new capital or wish to invest in ERP Sirius bright future.
  • Single start-up entrepreneurs, learn our solution and market as an addon to your business.

If you believe that you can partner with us please contact us.


Whatever your needs, we’re confident ERP Sirius will be the perfect fit for your ERP requirements. Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss what ERP Sirius can do for you and your business.