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The best way to tour ERP Sirius is to talk to us about your requirements.

Create a simple requirements document and send it to us;

  • Which corporate goals should be achieved with the introduction of the system?
  • Which processes do you want to optimize?
  • What modules and business function do you require.

If you require help on creating a requirements document please ask us.

Below is a business scenario using ERPSirius. It shows ERPSirius running multi-businesses for a single customer.

Manuel’s Auto Parts & Services

Mr Manuel Afortunado has a business called Manuel’s Auto Parts, that sells auto spare parts. He uses ERPSirius POS Retail with barcoding and biometric to sell his auto parts. After a few months he uses the Supplier, Customer and Inventory modules to manage his business. Than a few months later he fires 3 of his staff for fraud. ERPSirius has helped him have better control over parts of his business and he sees his costs reduced, customers portfolio growing and his profits increasing.

He hires 2 auto mechanic and introduces auto repairs and services to his business. He uses ERPSirius Job & Tasks Management, Quote Management and Sales Order Processing.


Job & Task Management;

  • Seamless integration with Inventory and Invoicing.
  • Seamless integration with Client and Vehicle history.

Point of Sale – Retail Sales Terminal allows;

  • Quick over the counter sales entry.
  • Biometric validation if required for greater security.
  • Barcode entry and quick search for products or items.

Point of Sale – Retail Management allows;

  • Quick over the counter sales entry.
  • Biometric validation if required for greater security.
  • Barcode entry and quick search for products or items.
  • Manage Returns & Refunds securely and with easy.

Chilli Bar and Cozinha De Goa Restaurant

Mr Manuel’s wife, Mrs Francisca is a great cook and has a passion for cooking. Manuel decides to open a small Bar & Restaurant for his wife. She uses ERPSirius Bar & Restaurant Point of Sale, Supplier and  Inventory module to control her business. The bar is called Chilli Bar and the restaurant Cozinha De Goa.

Mr and Mrs Afortunado see their business growing. Great delicious food and savory aroma keeps everybody happy.


POS Terminal selection screen showing two bars and one restaurant.

ERPSirius is able to run a multiple mixes of Point of Sale outlet with easy, with powerful and easy to use inventory all linked to financial, operations or human resources data.

Biometric authentication allows for secure access to POS terminals and Order Management. Great for keeping terminals open and access controlled.

Restaurant Point of Sale.

  • Highly intuitive and touch enabled.
  • Seamless integration into inventory, HR, financials.
  • Seamless integration into Hospitality, rooms or guests.
  • Seamless integration into Club members or guests.
  • Powerful reporting and export for further analysis.
  • Invetory has features specially for the restaurant and catering industry.

Bar POS and Cashless Settlement.

  • POS Bar inventory allows liquid and bottle measures.
  • Settlement can be by cash, account or to room when used with ERP Sirius Hospitality.

POS Management allow you.

  •  See all pos order and manage order that are not closed.
  • Query the orders and produce reports.
  • Export the orders to Excel for further analysis.

POS Bill

KiKi’s Members Club & Cabaret

The Afortunado’s decide to open a members bar. They decide to let their son Pascoal run it. He has a bit of a nocturnal nature and has many friends. They notice that some memebers don’t settle their bills on time, so they decide to use ERPSirius Members module and ERPSirius Cashless for members.


Kiki Club Members
  • Full Detail Capture.
  • Biometrics.
  • Member Card output.
  • Cashless Transactions.
  • Loyalty Points.
  • Members Can Be Linked.
  • Group Club Members
  • Gate Security

Afortunado’s  introduce HRMS


The Afortunado’s now hire 30 staff, they notice that attendance is an issue at both of their business. They use ERPSirius Human Resources Management System (HRMS) Time & Attendance to control and monitor the issue. They also use HR Leave Management and payroll.

Mr and Mrs Afortunado see their business growing and see a bright future.


Time And Attendance

The Time & Attendance module with biometrics, suitable for businesses of all sizes and types from offices, factories, hotels and even schools where monitoring of attendance times are of vital importance.

Key Features

  • Improved staff planning.
  • Better tracking of timekeeping.
  • Reduced absenteeism.
  • Multiple shift patterns.
  • Calculate employees hours and overtime, manage rotas and highlight lateness, early exits, absence and other infringements.
Time And Attendance Report

Employee Rostering

  • Direct Employee Rostering.
  • Employee Roster Monitoring.

Easy data capture

  • From card with magnetic swipe or barcode, proximity or smart card readers, advanced biometrics devices and smart phones.

The Afortunado’s go into the hotel business.

Mr and Mrs Afortunado only daughter the lovely Miss Bella Afortunado is getting married to one Don Juan Fernandez. As a wedding gift the Afortunado’s decided to open a small hotel and have their daughter and son in law run it. They use ERPSirius Hospitality to run the Hotel which has 50 rooms, 2 bars, 3 restaurants, 1 shop.

Hotel Booking


Secure Technologies

Sirius development framework allows for fast native apps for Windows, OS X , Linux and mobile, with superior security, performance and user experience.

One of the key features of ERP Sirius is that it is Internet enabled, but does not require a web browser or browser dependant components.

Through ERPSirius’ unique advanced communication architecture, remote users simply obtain access to the Internet via any local Internet Service Provider and enjoy the same security, integrity, and performance as LAN/WAN-based users.

ERPSirius +Mobile is a highly secure business solution that is developed without any open-source libraries.

Sirius is being enhanced to take advantage for blockchain technology.

* Cryptography in ERPSirius +Mobile provides various algorithms used to encrypt, sign and hash data.

* The different algorithms are the following: AES (modes ECB-CBC-OFB-CTR), AES MAC, AES GCM, SPECK, RSA, EdDSA, ECIES, SALSA, SHA-2, SHA-3, PBKDF 2, Blake2B, RIPEMD-160, Argon2

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Whatever your needs, we’re confident ERP Sirius will be the perfect fit for your ERP requirements. Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss what ERP Sirius can do for you and your business.